Inquizitive-Senior Quiz

SRMC Optimus proudly presents to you, Inquizitive- Senior Quiz, a fun and exciting event designed to bring out the knowledge from textbooks and beyond.

inquizitive-junior quiz

SRMC Optimus proudly presents Inquizitive- Junior quiz, a prestigious event featuring the best quizzes from all over the country.

Get your thinking caps on and prepare to be enthralled by what we have in store for you!

Health Summit and Doctor-Student Debate

An innovative event that will be conducted in an MUN style followed by mind boggling rounds of "Shipwreck" to determine the top candidate.The following debate will comprise of the selected health summit candidates, who will participate alongside the doctors in SRMC Optimus. ​ 

Medical Taboo

Have you spent multiple late nights battling your friends in a game of taboo? Then Medical Taboo is your event and SRMC Optimus'19 is your place to be. Play the game of forbidden words and get your partner to guess them using your vocabulary. Think fast and talk fast to get your team across against a ticking clock!

Clinical Cluedo

Do you think you can confidently deduce a disease based on clinical findings? Then come join us as we embark on a clinical conquest where your history taking skills and diagnostic abilities will be put to the test at SRMC Optimus'19.

Code Blue

With beeping monitors, falling pulse rates and panicking relatives, an emergency situation puts the presence of mind and the skills of a doctor to its ultimate test. An enthralling event for BLS certified candidates that tests the hands-on skills and the ability to handle pressure in the simulation of an emergency scenario.

Aperture-Short Film

There are no rules in film making , only sins , and the cardinal sin is monotony. Through Aperture, we aim to provide a platform for medical students to showcase their passion for film making or to explore new horizons at SRMC Optimus'19.

Email the completed video to in


Ever wanted to show off your incredible ability to recognize items in the dark? Come join us at SRMC Optimus'19 and take the blindfold and plunge into the world of heightened senses with your partner to discover your potential!

Guest lecture

We will host an esteemed guest speaker, Professor Dr.S.M. Chandramohan on the final day of the SRMC Optimus'19 for one hour, in the main auditorium. 

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