Iridescence, the official E-magazine of Optimus '19, in a myriad of hues, is aimed at thinking outside the box, bringing together the creativity of imagination and the practicality of medicine.

Iridescence will host a few events such as Creative Writing, Medical Picasso, and Impressions to engage the delegates and enable them to put their imagination to paper.

Register for our SRMC OPTIMUS '19 and send in your submissions for Iridescence to reach the platform aimed to unleash and spread your creativity.

This year's theme is  '7 seconds in heaven : the 7 seconds before death - an end or a beginning?'
Moreover, the magazine will include articles and pictorial works on Euthanasia, Bio-terrorism and so on.
The editorial team of Optimus will also be releasing the Conference Proceedings which will include detailed information regarding the events taking place over the 3 days as well as research abstracts of various investigator.s.


Creative writing


 J. K. Preethi


 S. Niveditha


Nishita Sharon X.

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