obstetrics and gynecology

This workshop provides delegates with a hands on experience in procedures such as Pap smears , USG , normal delivery protocols and much more at SRMC Optimus'19.


A perfect opportunity, this workshop provides delegates a way to learn and master the different pattern of ECG, analyse different cases, assess themselves and more.!

basic life support

Accredited by the American Heart Association(AHA), the Basic Life support (BLS) workshop aims at providing practical skill required for safe, timely and effective management of life threatening emergencies under the supervision of AHA certified instructors. 

Scientific Paper writing

It is an interesting platform for the medical undergraduate to present either a research topic or a case in front of a set panel of judges in the form of a poster or oral presentation at SRMC Optimus'19.

pediatrics and neonatology

A workshop dealing with a variety of pediatric emergencies and how to provide a neonatal resuscitation and much more at SRMC Optimus'19.

research methodology

SRMC Optimus'19 gives you the opportunity to learn the various methods of research and statistical analysis .


Observe and learn various orthopedic procedures and learn the essentials of fracture management .


Hands-on experience on various molecular based tests such as PCR, which play a crucial role for diagnosis of genetic disorders .


Come here to learn, experience and perform different processing techniques, handle specimens and get an exclusive hands on training in IHC from our experienced faculties.

anesthesia and transfusion medicine

An unique combination of workshops where delegates get a first hand experience on how anesthesia plays an important role in today's world. A hands-on experience on airway management, setting of IV and much more!


Also dive into the world of transfusion medicine and learn the techniques behind the seemingly simple blood transfusion .

heart and lung sounds

An excellent opportunity for the delegates to hear and experience different heart and lung sounds and to gain familiarity.

surgical skill

This workshop provides hands on experience on surgical instruments, suturing and much more!


Acquire the skill to interpret radiological images and impress your friends!


Sign up now to get a first hand experience of a variety of skin cases that you have never seen before .

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